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Yesterday afternoon my wife and I stopped at the Fresh Market in Farragut, TN, to buy some steaks to grill for a family dinner. At the meat department we bought 4 Porterhouse steaks that were on sale for $9.99/lb.

instead of the usual $13.99/lb. The butcher packaged up the meat in two packages with two steaks in each package. One package weighed 2.81lbs. and the other weighed 2.86lbs.

The labels did not have the sale price, but instead had the regular price. One showed a price of $39.31 and the other $40.01. We questioned the butcher and he told us we would see our discount at the register when we checked out. We continued shopping and eventually made our way to the register.

At checkout we asked the cashier as she was ringing up the meat if the discount price was in effect and she said it was. We checked out, paid, and our receipt was emailed to us instead of receiving a paper receipt (big mistake). When we got home we got online and checked the receipt, it seemed too high, and it was. It seems like their cash registers are programmed with an algorithm to create the weight, instead of using the actual weight they take the total non-discounted price of $39.31 and move the decimal one position to the left and use this number for the weight of 3.93.

The e-receipt showed 3.93 @ $9.99/lb. $39.31 and 4.01 @ $9.99/lb. $40.01. The Fresh Market showed us the sale price on our receipt and then overcharged us a total of $24.85 on our purchase because of their make believe weight.

My wife is always one to check receipts, had she not looked we would have been ripped off. We called the store and they said to come back down and they would make it right. When we got there we didn't have to explain anything, they already knew what the problem was. They blamed it on a faulty scale in the meat department.

I thought this was really weird and revealing. They must routinely rip people off who think they are getting something on sale.

They refunded us the amount they overcharged us and then gave us a $5.00 gift card for the inconvenience. Check your receipts I have a feeling they make a lot of extra money this way, stealing.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Fresh Market Meat.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: honest prices.

The Fresh Market Pros: Food.

The Fresh Market Cons: Being ripped off.

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I always use my calculator app as I go through to buy things, and the price at the Fresh Market register is always $10+ more than my generous calculations


Just left he store in jupiter Florida. They charged me $6.21 for corn that was $2.97.

They also overcharged me $12 for 3 Rao’s sauces ($4 extra per jar) and about $3 for some jerky that was marked on sale but had the original price.

After pointing out all the errors they apologized. But in my opinion, this is a company wide problem of intentional overcharging.


i had the same happen to me last week at the bradenton Fl manatee ave store. I purchased the $2.99 chicken and they altered the weight at the check out and ended up I paid the regular $5.99 per pound price!!!


Scams at supermarkets seems to be getting worse and you really have to verify everything being rung up while you are in line. If the cashier starts before you are ready to look at what's being rung up or goes too fast, slow them down.

A trick Kroger uses is to make the scanned items confusing as to what it is being rung up as and to take the discounts at the end. All in all, "buyer beware" as they say.

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