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Update by user Aug 25

By me having a second look at the whole thing. I think I was wrong.

That's just the way it is in retale," you are a thief until you make a purchase" She was only doing her job.I'd like to remove this post but I don't know how. Thank you all for your input.

Original review posted by user Aug 23


I have been a big fan of Fresh market for a long time until yesterday being 8/22/19

I am an entrepreneur, I do all of my work from my laptop and have done so for about the last ten years.

I choose only the best locations in which to work undisturbed.

I prefer locations that are safe and comfortable for me.

For a time I thought I had found those attributes at your Cameron Village location in Raleigh but I guess I was wrong.

My daily routine was to sit out front of that store or in a coffee shop, working on my websites, it was always very pleasant for a time and I did my part to help it stay that way in many small ways. For example if I wanted to listen to other music than that which was piped through out the shopping center,I used headphones, so as not to disturb anyone.

If I wanted to smoke a cigarette, I'd walk away from the entrance way of your store so as not to offend any of your patrons with second hand smoke,there are a lot of parents with their kids coming and going to the location throughout the day.

Every day, when I finished my work, I always made it a point to walk into the store and buy a beverage, usually an orange juice.

This time I thought a coffee would be nice.

I went into the store with my own little coffee mug, walked over to the coffee station, not knowing that it was self service, I was looking for a barista but saw no one so I exited the store, upon doing so, one of your employees exclaimed rather loudly,

"SIR YOU NEED TO PAY FOR THAT!" this was very embarrassing for me, embarrassing to me mainly because I am a very low profile man, although I am a very successful businessman and may not look like it, I do that for security purposes, there are a lot of homeless people who hang out at the library, located next door to your store.

I'm not sure if she thought I was one of them, but I felt like I was being racially profiled in fact I'm sure of it but I have no way to prove it.

I grew up in Raleigh during the 60s and racial profiling was a common occurrence among black people, so common that now when it happens to me I know it right away.

I called your corporate office and was advised that her action/s were not a firing offence.

Later that evening I returned to the store to speak to the manager.

I told him what happened, he listened patiently and he advised me that he would talk to her regarding this matter, I thought that was fair enough after which I left the store.

I can't belive that such a fine store as yours appears to be would actually turn a blind eye to this kind of behaviour.Now neither I nor my family nor any of my fellow church members nor business associates will shop there any longer because if this woman is allowed to stay on your payroll, the message I get is that bigotry is ok with you, I find that quite sad, quite sad in deed.

How can you even bare such people, I'm so disappointed in you.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Fresh Market Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

The Fresh Market Pros: Fresh food.

The Fresh Market Cons: You hire trashy people, Terrible customer service.

  • Bigots
  • Trashy People
  • Lousy Customer Service
  • Racistpigs
  • Klu Klux Klan
  • Skin Heads
  • Aryan Brotherhood Bastards
  • Probably Anti Semitic
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You were walking out without paying for your coffee you mental dingbat. She wasn't rude and didn't do anything wrong. Quit treating these places as your personal business and you won't have any problems you mooch.


After reading your comment, I think I may have judged too quickly and perhaps you were right, Thanks whoever you are.I'm not perfect. People make mistakes.


I'd like to be the first to admit when I'm wrong, this is one of those times. Thank you for your comments, this has allowed me to take a good look at myself. Thanks again.


You were asked to pay for something because she thought you were getting coffee and leaving. How is that racial profiling? I believe that you are reading way more into it than actually happened.


You are entitled to your belief, and I in mine.I did not have anything in my hand was my empty mug, I used to visit that store almost every day. All in all you'd would really have to know this city as I do to understand.

After almost 60 years of living with this level of blatant stupidity, many people develop a sense, almost a sixth "sense" if you will for this type of thing. Very much the way some cops develop almost a sixth sense for investigating a crime scene. They understand the nature of that particular beast. Like I said, I can't prove it, but I've seen it many times before.

I personally am not a bigot, how that happened, I'll never know but I grew up watching it way back when white supremacy was loud and proud, to the present, where racism SEEMS to be somewhat latent. Hatred like any other form of this unadulterated evil carries with it a foul odor that cannot ever be washed away. Racism is in fact a learned behaviour passed on through generations. People who grow up in a family of bigots, think it's the right way to live and won't see anything at all wrong in the way this woman handled this situation in this post.

Why not? Grandma and Grandpa were bigots, and if it was good enough for them it's good enough for me And lastly, had I been a white man or a white woman would she have called me out like that in front of a store full of people? who can say?

Very embarrassing for me though, I really don't like attention. In the end,I personally choose to be more sociologically aware,not racist and at least that way I can feel that I have added something positive to humanity to leave behind for the next generation of people of all races.


We can tell you haven’t worked retail. Like ever.

Or you would know this one fact that all retail employees must have a specific mindset. The mindset is this......YOU ARE ALL THIEVES UNTIL YOU PURCHASE!!! It’s not racism like you want to claim. What they saw was someone walking out with what looked like their product.

Not your race, but that YOU were a thief. Get it yet?? You LOOKED like you had stolen merchandise. Did you show them your cup when you walked in?

Did you get a acknowledgment that they saw YOU with a cup and they nodded their consent? No? Then why would you claim racism when you in fact looked like a shoplifter? Oh you have a sixth sense on racism?

Maybe you do but more then likely you only sense OVERT racism. You people, the consumer, seem to think that YOU should be treated better then any other person because of some pity card you want to play. Handicapped, race, financial status, or the general life sucks. You claim to be an entrepreneur yet lack basic skills such as personal accountability and critical thinking.

Since you are a person of color you immediately jump to a conclusion of racism, because that’s what YOU want it to be. YOU want to claim everything is racist to justify your poor behavior. You helped the place out by smoking away from the door, so what common courtesy. It had zero bearing to your issue.

It was tossed in to make YOU look like a better victim. Do you see the pattern of behavior that you willingly wrote down? Look at your post like your English teacher would do if you were in high school. Take out all of the fluff and opinion and your complaint is that they accused you of stealing.

Everything else you wrote is just fluff that you use to Garner internet sympathy. Distraction you employ to gloss over that you have no real case for racism. I agree that being accused of stealing doesn’t feel great, but it is what it is. You looked like you had stolen coffee, you got called on it.

YOU are making a bigger issue out of it because you WANT racism. Then you take the tit for no tat approach. You contact the workers corporate bosses to whine and when THAT doesn’t get them fired you proceed to then continue you campaign of terror against a white person. I can 100% tell you that you got lip service from the manager.

He didn’t say squat. He told you he would to get rid of a PITA. Once you were gone they all had a good laugh at YOUR FOOLISHNESS!! They laughed at you, your clothes, your purchases, and the very silly way you acted.

Accept it and move on. You step on coal you don’t fan them. You have are and do fan those flames because you need them. If EVERYONE is racist then YOU can act out without repercussions and justify your actions by claiming racism.

Nothing in your post says anything other then what YOU SAY. And yet by your own words you show us you were acting like a thief. By YOUR ACTIONS you caused them to call you out. No where in the words provided was ANY action described as racism.

No name calling or shaming. Just a cashier calling out that you were stealing. Remember what your momma said, if it looks like a duck then it’s probably a duck but sometimes it’s a goose. You appeared to be a thief, that’s on the way YOU acted.

You cannot claim racism when YOU INSTIGATE THE SITUATION!!

I’m calling the OP a epic fail. -Durpa-


I'd like to be the first to admit when I'm wrong, this is one of those times.

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