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Today, Saturday 8/10, Fresh Market told me that all my gift cards (bought in 3Q19) are invalid due to a 6/1 system change. When you call the # to verify the GC balance - the message is that balance cannot be verified, and to contact the store. But Kendra, the manager of the Winston Salem store, said that although corporate sent an email about this problem to the stores, store management had not been empowered to fix this. She had been directed to simply tell frustrated and angry customers to call customer care; yet ironically customer care cannot be reached on weekends (which is the time when most professionals shop).

The card I was attempting to use was bought 5/21 and charged to Chase Freedom ($200); my husband sent Kendra the Chase Freedom statement with that purchase but she said that wasn't good enough and that unless customer care could find that receipt in their system - we are out $200. And in any case, customer care and corporate did not work weekends and so I should take off time from my CFO position, to contact customer care on Monday and try to get this resolved.

Well, you can imagine how upset I was. And, when we attempted to use the 3 other gift cards ($100 each) that we have - I became even more upset as all cards show zero balance (both via the call in system and at the cash register). And even though we have the activation slips for the latter 3 cards - Kendra was unable to do anything to help us as this is a system problem. She said that all she could do was write an email to corporate and ask them to call me first thing Monday morning. In the mean time, since my cards don't work - I did not buy the food I wanted (for my Sunday party) at Fresh Market.

I have informed our neighborhood via our HOA email of Fresh Market's system issues and lack of weekend customer support (despite the fact that they've been aware since 6/1 that gift cards may not be recognized by the new system). I would think that given the decline in store traffic since you changed your layouts/goods carried, that you would not want to alienate the remaining customers. But you are by not empowering managers to address your system problems on the weekends. Multiple people in my neighborhood replied to my post and said they had encountered the same problem, and were told that FM is on the *** of bankruptcy, and that is why their GCs are not being honored. Most of my neighbors only had a $50 GC so they have given up fighting the battle with FM...but I have $500 in GCs (given to me by my husband for my birthday and mother's day as he knows the FM is my primary store for meats, fish, produce, cheeses, and pre-made foods). Given that my GCs total $500 - I am not willing to drop this.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Fresh Market Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

The Fresh Market Pros: Questionable as either fre4aud.

The Fresh Market Cons: Gcs are not being honored if bought before june.

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By your own admission they recognized a problem and they are attempting to fix it. You do realize exactly how many tens of thousands of gift cards they have to fix?

How many store systems that have to be torn down and reformatted to incorporate the gift card fix? No you wouldn’t have any idea that these things take time to address. It’s not as simple as slapping a CD in the main server and magically everything is fixed everywhere perfectly. I get the feeling that your oh so important CFO position has blinded you to the actual issue of the common folk.

Not everything happens at the speed of your cellphone booting up. Systems that big require IT experts and coders. It maybe as simple as a single line of code. But they have to tear down the system and find the issue.

Which takes time. Maybe address the issue during actual corporate hours. It’s your issue. You are out the money.

If you’re a CFO as you claim then you know how to play the game. Start at the bottom with corporate customer service and work your way up the chain. You whine how valuable YOUR time is yet completely ignore that they have the exact same type of job as you. The weekends are their days off just as you.

So you think someone or a group of someone’s should always have corporate access on the weekend when everything is closed? How would that fly with your corporate position? I’m betting your bosses would laugh you out of the boardroom for the suggestion. It’s not the end of the world and you’re jumping the gun.

Do your part and if they can’t remedy the situation then you file a small claims case for the lost amount plus the value of your time. No one says you have to let it go, just be patient and work the system. They may have a fix that isn’t available on the weekends. You won’t know until you try.

Ask yourself this, is it the principle of the situation or your pride? Are you sure you’re not blowing this out of proportion because you were embarrassed in front of other people? First rule of problem solving is to remove emotion. Remember it’s not personal.

Then tackle the issue. I hope you have good luck and can resolve the issue with some remedy that makes you happy.

But for the love of all things sane calm down. You’re not out the money YET.


Dear Miss Very Important CFO.. If you had a clue as to what real people who work in retail jobs on the weekends when “professionals” do their shopping, you would have a clue what real people have to do to manage a business to serve “your kind”.

Excuse us for trying to do our jobs to the best of our ability with our hands tied on the weekend because of people exactly like yourself- Corporate elites that make a living off the backs of us poor laborers. How about you take a day off and resolve this issue with corporate dopes like yourself.

Maybe you’ll get somewhere. Sincerely, A lowly Fresh Market Manager

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