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I had delivered a donation letter with proper letterhead and had given it to the store manager named George. The store manager from last year had given a donation the same day she received it last year.

George made a very not so prominent response as if to immediately say maybe, maybe not. I have to admit that the letter was late and very close to the dated event. The event surpassed and I received a phone call from another employee (Nikia), but she indicated the wrong name (Donna Smith) instead of my name. I called back to speak to Nikia and she indicated that George had initiated a $50.00 donation to a Jewish foundation.

I asked her why did she call my cell phone if the donation was not for the location where I live. She indicated that my cell phone number (on sticky pad) was on the donation letter from Donna Smith. Things must have became crossed and I assumed that George was eventually going to give a donation to our National Night Out cause. I became very disappointed again and called today (8/14/2019) and told George how I felt that he was not professional enough to call me back and inform me that he decided not to donate to our cause.

I also told him that I felt as though that he immediately judged because I am a Black man as I felt that as soon as drove off the lot upon our first encounter. I made 2-3 trips to this particular Fresh Market (on 4215 University Drive in Durham NC) to inquire George as what his decision was because the date of the event was vastly approaching and I believed he became irritated with me because his attitude was not very professional even from our first encounter. George had made his decision the moment he met me. I spoke with him also on 8/14/2019 to inform him how I felt that he was very unprofessional in his non attempt to calling me to indicate that he would not be submitting a donation.

I also reminded him as to how he decided to give a donation to the white Jewish organization and as to why Nikia would call my cell phone number calling for the wrong person which lead me to think that George even well after the scheduled would still give a donation. He immediately asserted that I was playing the race game just to cover his guilt as to me being a Black man. We exchanged more words and I had ended the conversation by shutting off my phone. I hope that George will not be the store manager next year before our Next Night Out event...

that's if we decide to approach The Fresh Market next for any type of donation. George should treat people no matter color they may be.

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I can't believe that you are complaining they didn't give you money when you admit to being late with submitting the request. Obviously, the manager doesn't make those calls, they delegate those duties to the admin staff.


George as a manager needs to treat everyone fairly and stop judging people by what he sees. Do not keep people on an anticipating stance and unprofessionally not respond to our anticipation.

Do not make pretentious excuses in not responding right away to disregard donations.

George needs to realize that we all are a part of one race... the human race.

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